[Ceritaku] Perahu Kertas by Dee

27 Jan

A few days ago, my friend lends me his book – a novel actually – to me. It was Perahu Kertas by Dewi “Dee” Lestari. She told me that the book is good – its story, I mean – and she suggested me to read it – or I should say “strongly recommended” 😀 –.

Well… after she told me so, then I borrowed that book.

And then… I started to read it. Page by page. Chapter by chapter.

Actually, I can finish it only in one day. But, because I didn’t read it all day long, I finished in about three days. Hahahaha…

Ok… I won’t tell about how was the story of the book – coz I suggest/recommend you to read it yourself, then you’ll know how good the book is –.

While reading this book, I could cry or smile because of the story. I don’t know why, by reading this book, it’s like I look-myself-at-the-mirror. No… It’s not because the story in this novel is the same with I have. It’s because the feeling of Kugy is the same with my feeling… especially, right now.


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One response to “[Ceritaku] Perahu Kertas by Dee

  1. Coretan Aprillia

    February 23, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    emang kayak apa ceritane? jadi penasaran deh…


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