[Curhatku] Shattered Into Pieces…

09 Oct

shattered-heartHave you ever felt your world ruined? Have you ever felt the one you love, the one you need the most to be on your side, ignored you and abandoned you?

Have you ever felt it’s hard for you to breathe? And all you can do is just put a fake smile on your face, but the truth is… Inside, your heart is broken and shattered into pieces… Have you ever really felt that?

I have… And I feel it now… 😦

For you, the one I love with all of my heart and soul, maybe you won’t feel the same way I do. Maybe you won’t care about me anymore. Maybe you won’t know how miserable I am now, as well…

But, just so you know…
I really love you with all of my heart and soul. And I would fight for you and sacrifice for you, as well…

And… I will always wait for you here…The_Crying_Eyes_VIII_by_slightlyxlovely
You know where it is…

With my truly love,
A woman who love you so much

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