[Curhatku] Feelin’ Blue

07 Feb

feeling_blueFeelin’ blue is what I feel inside, like… right now. Sometimes, I don’t have to get something bad to get this kinda feeling. I mean, sometimes there’re no reasons needed to put me in such feeling.

Well, as you all know, I’m a woman. And yes, woman has their own period… every month… normally. And every month, woman’s hormone will be like a roller coaster… Ups… Downs… Either they have it before their period or maybe on their period.

For me, my roller coaster hormone – I called it like that – can be felt clearly. Sometimes, I’ll get angry easily… but suddenly, I can feel so sad and wanna cry.

Actually, I don’t wanna talk about woman’s period. Nope!

I just wanna tell about my feeling right now. FEELING BLUE.

Well, maybe it’s affected by my hormone. Maybe. I’m not really sure. But I’m actually feeling so blue.


When you need any news from someone… you got nothing, but silence.

When you said something via technology… all you got is nothing, but a “READ” status. No reply.


It’s killing you… a lot… sometimes… *sigh


Maybe it’s a silly thing for some people. Yeah… But I do wanna get his replied, not only his “R” or “READ” or “Last seen yesterday at 10:42p” when my last message is sent 5 hours ago…. *sigh

Well… yeah… may you all are right… it’s just silly me to feel this kinda feeling…

Maybe he had something urgent to do.” Or “Maybe he was so busy so that he had no time to reply your message.” Or “You should understand his situation…”… Blah…. Blah… Blah…

Those kinda sentences would be saying by all of you… maybe… And, I know that. Coz I do have thinking like that. But… is it wrong if I wanna get a reply or respond from him too if I ask or tell or say something to him?

Please…? 😦


And again… I still feel this kinda feeling…


I’m feelin’ blue…

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One response to “[Curhatku] Feelin’ Blue

  1. Tirani

    March 6, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    hmmm syg q g bisa bhs inggris


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